Future Social Learning Networks (winter term 2011/12) - #fslnwt11

The seminar has been canceled but will be offered again in the summer term 2012.


Following the success of the Future Social Learning Networks (FSLN) seminar in the summer term 2010 and in the winter term 2010/11 we run another seminar of the series in the winter term 2011/12. The partners in the seminar are the University of Paderborn in Germany and Levinsky’s Teacher College in Israel. The overall goal of the seminar is to foster collaboration in heterogeneous teams using a wide variety of social media tools. Students will work in interdisciplinary, multilingual teams with differing knowledge areas and levels on a common goal. This goal has at least a computer science and an educational perspective and is subject to active usage in an evaluation phase during or after the seminar. Students in Paderborn will therefore develop prototypes for real-world scenarios that students in Tel Aviv come up with.

Students from both institutes will be grouped together to form an interdisciplinary group and will collaborate in order to develop artifacts for learning in social networks (e.g. facebook) that will engage learning in a certain topic or domain. The details of those artifacts are subject to be discussed during the first two weeks of the seminar and to be developed and evaluated in the second part of the seminar.


The seminar is aimed at master students who want to apply the methods and content of their studies in practical research projects


Readiness for the experimental use of new technologies and collaborative work in self-organized project teams are expected, as well as the independent processing of scientific problems. Active participation in the seminar is a requirement. Goal of every student group must be the (prototypical) preparation of a computer science artifact (visualization, application, web application architecture design, etc.).

Moreover we expect:

  • Good English skills (written and oral)
  • not frightened of Social Media
  • interest in developing social media applications (apps) for Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • knowledge in a PHP and JavaScript, basic design knowledge


The seminar is organized as a blended learning event. The participants work collaboratively on specific projects and issues. In the seminar the active use of social software (Twitter, Delicious, Wikis ,...) is required by all students.


First meeting: 14.10.2011, 13.00 in F2.522

Nächster Wiederholungstermin: voraussichtlich im SoSe 2012

Type Day Time Room Lecturer
Seminar Friday & en bloque 1-3pm F2.522 Magenheim


Veranstaltungsnummer L.079.08011
Vorausgesetze Kenntnisse keine
Scheinerwerb Regelmäßige Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung, Beteiligung mit eigenen Beiträgen im Social Semantic Web, schriftliche Ausarbeitung und die Erstellung eines (prototypischen) Informatik-Artefakts
Prüfungsgebiet Masterstudiengang, Seminar, MMWW
Module III.4 (außer III.4.1 und III.4.5)
Prüfungsordnung Für weiterführende Informationen siehe auch die Einträge in der Studienordnung
weiterführende Veranstaltungen Projektgruppe knowAAN


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