In this course we will present important skills for your study covering scientific working and learning methods.

During this course we have many discussions and practise.

To get your credit points you have to write a thesis (ca. 8 or 12 pages) and have to do a little presentation at the end of the course.

Meeting: 8.11.13 (13-17) ,9.11.13 (9-16), 13.12. (13-17), 17.01. (13-17)

First Meeting: 8.11.13

Credits:  2 or 3 ECTS Studium Generale

Contact: Kathrin Bröker  kathyb'at'


What does it mean science?

Studying and Learning

  • Learning styles and methods
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent work

Writing a paper/thesis

  • Where can I find good literature?
  • How to read scientific stuff?
  • How to write?
    • Structuring
    • Plagiarism
    • Citation
    • Use of Templates /Latex
How to present a paper

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