This course is for those of you who have no or less experience in programming Java. 
The course will cover important parts of Java with many practice. 

You will need this skills for a project group during the master course!!

Before the course we will send a questionaire with some questions about your general programming experience, so that we can create a course which fits perfect to your needs.

Meeting: 15. and 16.11; 6. and 7.12  9-16 Uhr

Credits: no Credits for Computer Science students!

Contact: Kathrin Bröker  kathyb'at'upb.deMelanie Margaritis melanie.margaritis'at'

Possible Topics:

  • Object Oriented Programming, Concepts and implementation in Java
    • Classes and Methods
    • Objects
    • Inharitance
    • Abstraction
    • etc.
  • Datatypes, Expressions, Assignments
    • Arrays, Lists, Stacks
    • Variables
    • Iterations and Loops
    • Exception Handling
  • I/O, Collection, Networkprogramming
    • Client-Server (Threads)
  • GUI
  • Database Connection

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