Seminar Design of Personal Learning Environments in Social Knowledge Networks (in English)


Knowledge-workers who cooperatively are working and learning together in distributed formal and informal learning and working settings can be regarded as partners in a Social Knowledge Network. Personalized and Technology Enhanced Learning Environments, which are suitable to support knowledge-workers in that kind of social networking often are referred to as ‘Personal Learning Environments’.

Thus, the Seminar deals with the technological aspects of the development and the design of PLEs as well as with the current and possible future social impact on those kinds of networks. Requirements and implementation issues are as well addressed as questions of the evaluation and the usability of PLEs. The seminar will investigate, how most discussed learning approaches and relevant contextual topics could be integrated into a PLE. Therefore the seminar has to deal with topics like

  •  Mobile and Smart Devices for Learning,
  • Ubiquitous Learning,
  • Learning with Augmented Reality
  • Game based Learning,
  • Personal Learning Networks,
  • Social Learning Networks,
  • Artefact-Actor-Networks,
  • Social Semantic Learning,
  • Ontologies and Tagging for knowledge maturing,
  • Automated Social network Analysis,
  • Technology Enhanced boundary Objetcs…
The Seminar will be organized in 'Learning Blocks' with phases of plenary sessions and individual guided learning phases
First Meeting:Thursday, April 18th 2013, 2:00 pm in F2.522

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